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Rosehaven Family Office serves as the steward of your family’s full financial picture, with services tailored to multi-generational families who are enterprising, entrepreneurial and philanthropically minded.

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Our clients value making a difference in their world and using their success to impact others. They live their lives with intention, and have exacting standards for themselves and those around them. They often have existing relationships with other strategic partners, and we take the lead role in ensuring that everyone is working together for the greatest benefit. Environmental, social and governance factors guide many of their decisions, and they strive to leave a family legacy that carries their assets and values through many generations to come.

Estate Planning Service
Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

To create a holistic plan that protects and preserves your family’s wealth for generations to come, we partner with your current estate attorney or recommend one from our network if necessary. Whether through trusts, gifting, life insurance or other tools, we collaborate to drive a strategy that’s customized to your family’s goals and needs.

Tax Planning

No planning strategy is complete without comprehensive and acute attention to tax implications. We partner with skilled tax advisors and CPAs to ensure proper tax planning and strategic execution on behalf of your family and your goals.

Tax Planning
Tax Planning
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Guided by our fiduciary obligations, all of our actions are in your best interest. We are unwavering in our commitment to protecting and enhancing your family’s wealth by maximizing post-fee, post-tax, risk-adjusted returns. Services include:

Financial Planning

We collaborate with CFPs to create a financial plan based around your family’s needs and aspirations. Your plan becomes a roadmap we use to illustrate how your wealth is measured now and what the future could look like based on different scenarios, including spending habits and market returns, so you can maximize the impact of your assets.

Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Risk Management

Risk Management

Our goal is to make sure you and your family are always protected with the right insurance coverage from a top-quality carrier. We partner with insurance specialists, review your current policies, and make strategic recommendations for what you need as part of a fully integrated planning strategy. Our expertise includes:

Philanthropic Strategy

Leaving a philanthropic legacy is important to most of the families we serve. We understand the most efficient and effective ways to help you maximize the impact of your generosity, with expertise in strategies like:

Family Legacy Planning

Family Legacy and Governance

We believe multiple generations should be involved in legacy planning, so we take a hands-on approach to ensure everyone is well-represented and feels heard and

From helping teenagers learn about investments to identifying the most robust legal structure necessary to protect and preserve a legacy for years to come, we have the knowledge and experience to customize an approach around your family’s unique needs and goals.

Credit and Lending

As a family office, we advise our clients on both sides of the balance sheet.

This includes unbiased advice on the resourceful use of credit.

We seek out the best options based on your family’s lending requirements, including sourcing top lenders, rates, and creative alternatives to meet credit needs.
 Services include:

Credit And Lending
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Our partners facilitate greater ease around the understanding and organization of your day-to-day financial landscape. With comprehensive reporting, bill payment, expense tracking, and more, our bookkeeping services make daily financial management and yearly or quarterly taxes easier.