One Seven makes USA TODAY’s list of the Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023

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This content was previously published by USA Today.

USA Today is proud to announce that One Seven has been named on USA TODAY’s list of the Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023. Congratulations on your achievement!

The Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023 awarded the top 500 financial advisory firms in the United States based on different data points derived from the following research methods:

  • Independent survey among employees and clients of the financial advisory industry: The survey ran from November 7th 2022 to January 13th 2023, and was accessible via the USA TODAY website. In addition, several tens of thousands financial advisors were invited via e-mail to participate in the survey.
  • Publicly available data that was collected for more than 30,000 registered investment advisors – so called RIA firms with the securities and exchange commission (SEC).
  • Analysis of the various data points: Based on the data points collected. KPIs relevant to the evaluation of RIA firms, such as Assets under management, were analyzed and weighted and combined with the results of the survey.

The Best Financial Advisory Firms 2023 title serves to reinforce a firm’s reputation as respected among its peers, and valued by their clients. You can access this report here.

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