Build, Protect and Preserve Your Family’s Wealth

As a boutique family office, we strive to provide ultimate service levels to the families we work for. Our centralized approach to advising on generational wealth helps affluent families leave lasting legacies.

Rosehaven Family turning success into legacy
Estate Planning Service

Where Success Turns into Legacy

Our mission is to provide a highly specialized approach to our families that reflects the values and impact you wish to leave behind. We place a heavy emphasis on creative solutions in wealth management, estate planning, tax strategies, philanthropy and more, all combined to build financial certainty for the future.

We maximize communication and thrive on collaborative decisions between you and our trusted team of financial experts. Our intent is to foster the success you’ve secured thus far to bear fruit for generations to come.

Our proactive, solution-based approach to generational wealth management provides the framework for affluent families across the United States to leave lasting legacies. As a boutique family office, Rosehaven strives to  provide ultimate service levels to the families we work for, going far beyond traditional wealth management to support nearly every facet of your life. 

In Our Clients’ Words

*This statement was provided by a current client of MGO One Seven LLC and Rosehaven Family Office and neither cash nor non-cash compensation was provided by MGO One Seven LLC or its affiliates to the client for their testimonial. There is no material conflict of interest between the client and the investment adviser or its affiliated persons.

Innovation, Preservation, Freedom

Our Role

Our role is to create the space for you to live your best life. You can be confident that you have the right team of people working on your behalf to define and preserve your family legacy, whether that means protecting your wealth for the next generation or helping you achieve your philanthropic goals.

We embrace our role as consultants by trying to listen more than we speak. We use our vantage point as the advocates for your full financial picture to recommend what we believe to be the best solutions for your needs, taking every facet of your financial life into consideration before implementing a strategic approach.

Our sought after, experienced team of Managing Directors make sure the appropriate experts are involved in making the best decisions to not only meet but exceed your wealth management goals.

The end result for you? Confidence, peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your life and family without worrying about your finances. We take care of that part for you.

In the Rosehaven office

Our Process

Our proven process helps you define a purpose for your wealth and fortify your legacy. We create solutions tailored to meet the individual goals of every family. We provide a highly specialized, multi-disciplinary team of professionals that works in harmony to support your unique needs, right from the start.



60-Minute Meeting

We learn about each other, gain an understanding of your family’s unique situation, goals and challenges, and introduce you to our tools and our process.




During this time, we gather data, analyze your assets, resources, timeline and needs, and develop the strategy that best fits you and your family.



Team Coordination

We gather our full team of specialists to build a plan focused on your goals, including liquidity and exit planning, investment management, estate and philanthropic planning, entrepreneurial ventures, tax strategizing, and risk mitigation.

Ongoing Engagement

We work with our clients to review financial plans on a regular basis, as well as provide family education resources whenever necessary. As advocates for your family’s financial wellness, we’re available to assist with any financial need that arises throughout the year.

Rosehaven Family Office Services​

We simplify the complex. Our team coordinates and oversees the specialists and professionals working on your family’s behalf. As you move beyond basic investments to more sophisticated and nuanced wealth planning, we work with you to determine the solutions that will create the best outcomes for your specific situation and goals.

Portfolio Management

Our strategies focus on protecting and enhancing your family’s wealth.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

We take a collaborative approach to building a custom strategy for your family.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

No planning strategy is complete without keen attention to tax implications.

Family Legacy & Governance

We work with multiple generations to develop a legacy plan customized to your family’s goals.

Financial Planning

We develop a roadmap that helps you maximize the impact of your wealth.

Philanthropic Strategy

Our experts help you use your wealth to make a difference in the causes that matter most to your family.

Risk Management

We work to ensure you always have the right coverage with a top-quality insurance carrier to protect you and your family as life happens.



Our partners handle bill payments and detailed reporting to help you track and manage expenses.

Credit & Lending

As a family office, we provide unbiased advice on credit and seek the best lending options for mortgage, aircraft financing, securities-based lending, and more.